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naturalX Health Ventures is the investment company of Schwabe Group, a global leader in plant-based pharmaceuticals, for its investments in innovative, young companies. the aim is to combine the growth potential of young, innovative companies with the financial strength and access to different expertise of our parent company

"natural" lies in the heritage of Schwabe Group. we have established "naturalX" to bridge the old world with the new world, to unite heritage with breaking things, to foster a learning curve for our parent company and the ecosystem, and to bring together the best of the natural health and the digital health space

Investment Company of Schwabe Group

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natural health

Schwabe Group is a global leader in plant-based medicines with a tradition of more than 150 years of focusing on natural health products

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traditional values

currently in the fifth generation, Schwabe Group is also one of the oldest family-run pharma companies in Europe

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global reach

€ 900 million annual revenue, from pharma business in Europe and consumer business in North America (Nature’s Way brand)

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whole value chain

with own R&D, manufacturing and omnichannel sales approches, Schwabe Group adds value along the value chain

Our Investment Focus

we are flexible and can invest from seed to late stage. however, our focus lies on series A and series B investments, where a strong signs of product-market fit can be shown. we look at solutions at the intersection of natural x digital health and try to invest into the best entrepreneurs in this space while maintaining a strategic relevance for our parent company.

we do not invest into biotech or medtech.

at this time, we particularly love these topics:

mental health

Schwabe Group has a heritage and deep expertise in developing plant-based pharmaceuticals for mental health. now, we are looking for digital solutions as well as more alternative approaches


we have a broader consumer-driven focus on wellbeing. this includes topics such as sleep, nootropics, nutrition, prevention & longevity, bio-hacking, genomics, and also disease prevention. we are curious and always like to learn

grow with us

our investments

naturalX makes direct investments into startups, with a preference for Series A, in addition to fund investments as an LP

startup investment



Founded 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
research-driven DTC company focused on the human microbiome

startup investment



Founded 2014
Berlin, Germany
innovative food products and nutritional supplements help provide the mind with what it needs

startup investment

Cara Care

Cara Care

Founded 2016
Berlin, Germany
the most effective holistic companion for every individual with digestive issues

startup investment



Founded 2014
Cambridge, MA
at-home blood nutrient testing & personalized supplements delivered to your door

(acquired by Schwabe Group)

Investment Team & Commitee

we have a dedicated investment team and act through our investment committee as decision-making body for naturalX. the investment committee is led by the CEO of Schwabe Group

naturalx managing director marvin amberg

Marvin Amberg

Managing Director

naturalx CEO Olaf Schwabe

Olaf Schwabe

Chairman of Investment Commitee

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