Measured by the Value we Provide

we try to offer more than financial investment and strive to be seen as value-adding partners for the long run

Our Purpose

we are here to provide value for consumers, startups and our parent company Schwabe

for the consumer

consumer-centricity is at the core of Schwabe Group, we intend to be a vital piece in the ecosystem that helps spark the innovation of more health solutions that improve health everyday

for start-ups

we strive to build the bridge to 150 years of experience in natural health product innovation and commercialization, and always try to offer more than a financial investment. we can be in a mentor role and we can be in a sparring role. but first of all, we are a partner - on eye-level. and we like to be the first one to call should an exit ever be considered

for Schwabe Group

we aim to provide a strategic, self-sustaining investment arm enabling our parent company, Schwabe Group, to learn and engage with the early stage innovation ecosystem when companies are too risky or early to acquire, with the ultimate goal of shaping Schwabe Group in the near and distant future with new, future-proof business models

how we work

we have established naturalX as a strategic investment arm for the Schwabe Group. despite an often strategic nature of investments, our investments come with no strings attached to give entrepreneurs the liberty to always take the best decisions for the venture

we are investing from the balance sheet of the Schwabe Group and have no dedicated fund volume. this also means that we have a lot of flexibility and can invest with a long-term investment horizon, not bound to fund cycles
furthermore, we deliberately try to move quickly and have established a lean Investment Committee to drive decisions

Investment Company of Schwabe Group

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strong corporate backbone

with Schwabe, we have a corporate partner with financial strength and deep operational expertise along its value chain

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founders turned investors

our background is not in finance and corporate. in our core team, we have significant experience in starting and building companies

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mutual values as a priority

we demand transparency, fairness and hard work - from founders and from ourselves. we are accessible and pragmatic. we are partners and we are here to help

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